About Us

To be a respected company and be amongst top 2 brands in india with the turnover of 200 crore by 2030.

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, commitment and be the best in the eyes of our customer, employees and all service providers.

VARCO, began its journey in the field of Pharma, Food, Chemicals and Cosmetics with almost a decade of rich service experience. VARCO today has complete infrastructure to produce equipment that are energy-efficient and reliable with high performance levels while being compliant, at the same time, to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) and various regulatory requirements.

Today, we offer customization and scalable in-line equipment for applications ranging from Drying , Blending , Cleaning , Filling to labeling, conveying and inspection.

At the heart of our success is our 50+ strong team of engineers, technicians, marketers and customer relationship professionals, who dedicate their willingness and expertise to make sure that customers are kept happy, round the clock, around the globe. With further expansion and product development in the pipeline, and our talent and its unwavering customer-centricity, we are confident of sustaining the high growth we have achieved in the past few years.

– Client satisfaction.
– Perfection and accuracy.
– Inspiration and creation.
– The evolution that leads to innovation – from very small models to the plant scale equipment.


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