Airjet Bottle Cleaning

Automatic Airjet cleaning machine makes use of a series of jets to clean bottles so that it can be used later for pharmaceutical applications. The bottles required for pharmaceutical usage must not contain any adulterants as it may affect the medicinal contents to be filled. The Airjet cleaner machine produced by Varcogroup boasts of superior build quality that imparts longer durability and good workability.

The Air jet cleaning machine production rate varies from 60 to 250 cartons/min, depending upon the carton size. The height of conveyor can be adjusted from 800 mm to 850 mm and hence bottle washer can allow different bottle size. The Air Jet cleaning machine has a series of jets attached to it that blows compressed air into the bottles. This creates a vacuum and hence this bottle washing machine removes all the contaminants from the bottle. The dust gets collected in a dust collection bag.


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