Bottle Rotating Apparatus

Bottle Rotating Apparatus: Water Bath Heating System
(Model: VG-RB-100) with color Touch Screen 7”

• The Rotating Bottle Apparatus meets National Formulary (NF) XIV specifications and is designed for release rate testing of tablets or pellets.
• Bottles are clipped into a rotating shaft which is immersed in a water bath.
• The speed of rotation can be programmed.
• The manual changing of media during a test simulates a dosage passing through a pH gradient.
• Sealed bottles prevent evaporative loss.
• A variety of bottle and vial sizes can be used with this system.
• This apparatus is suitable for use in testing of microspheres, ophthalmic & implants.
• HMI with colored touchscreen control system having 3 level login ID password facility & date / time lock facility.
• Supports 16 glass bottles of 100 ml each.
• Magnetically coupled drive with precise speed control range with soft start facility.
• Programmable temperature in the water bath
• Print facility via Lan/USB or any locally available
• Snap fitting of bottles for easy placement and removal
• Robustly built SS body & clear borosilicate glass water bath to withstand high temperatures
• Programmable Protocol more than 50 nos.
• Bottom drain facility with valve .
• Top lid with glass for better visibility

Water bath:
– Water capacity- 60 ltrs
– Bath size (L x W x H)- (575 x 450 x 360) mm
• Speed control:
 Speed range: 1 to 60 RPM
 Resolution: 1 RPM
 Accuracy: ± 1 RPM
 Motor: Stepper motor
 Drive type: Magnetically coupled
Temperature Indicator/Controller:
 Set temperature range: 30 ° C to 50°C
 Resolution: 0.1 C
 Control accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
 Heater: 3 KW/230V AC
• Circulation:
• Magnetically coupled pump, Flow rate: 10 ltrs/min
• Power supply: 230V AC +10%, 50 Hz,
• Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): (800 x 450 x 360) mm (approx.)

Recommended accessories included in Varco Bottle
Rotating Apparatus: Water Bath Heating System (Model:
a. 10 ml Conversion kit (Set of 28)
b. 100 ml Conversion kit (Set of 16)


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