Cross Over Bench / Step Over Bench

  • Material Of Construction – Grade SS 304 (completely)
  • Suitable for cleanroom change areas where dirty everyday footwear has to be exchanged for cleanroom footwear.
  • “S” Type – Top half open on one side with single shelf and bottom half open on other side with single shelf
  • Stiffener on bottom of the top sheet for sturdiness & strength
  • Can store overshoes, cleanroom grade shoes or outdoor footwear
  • Freestanding with nylon bush
  • Creates a barrier in your cleanroom entrance/gowning area between clean and dirty areas

Features & Benefits

  • Top half open on one side and bottom half open on other side, to store cleanroom shoe on one side & outdoor shoes on other
  • Free standing for ease of removal to facilitate cleaning
  • Health & Safety conscious product – encourage cleanroom users to sit down while altering their footwear for cleanroom use
  • Encourages good gowning protocol

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