Adjustable Racks

Fixed Racks

  • Material Of Construction – Grade SS 304 (completely)
  • Suitable for cleanroom, production area, washing area, workers change room, warehouse, etc. where rust free metal objects are required for contamination free environment
  • Angles with 14 SWG. thickness for sturdy and load bearing capacity
  • Shelves with 16 SWG. thickness with stiffener welded on bottom side of shelf for extra strength
  • Free standing legs with high density nylon bush

Features & Benefits

  • Optionally available with adjustable shelves with slotted angles
  • Optionally with perforated shelves
  • Optionally with PU wheels for easy movement of heavy loads (only in small sizes)
  • Optionally with top railings to safeguard material toppling from top shelf

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