Conta Blender / Bin Blender

Bin blenders are equipment that is used for blending dry solid forms such as dry powders which later on will be used for the production of products such as tablets and capsules.

Most bin blenders are irregularly shaped and provide options for charging and discharging solid material into the bin. In most bin blender applications, the materials to be mixed are powder and granules.

The bin blender is properly enclosed and contained to prevent solid particles from finding their way out of the container. The enclosure also prevents the build-up of dust in the room during the blending process.

A bin blender is automated and electric-powered to ensure that it delivers a smooth blending for all the required materials. Most bin blenders depend on hydraulic systems while others have pneumatic power units.

A bin blender is versatile in that it can blend and mix different types of grains and granules. It is also applicable in a wide range of industries starting from pharmaceuticals to the food industry.


  • A very useful process supporting equipment for inter process material handling
  • CGMP complying design with complete SS cladding.
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Designed on hydraulic system
  • Safety lift lock to prevent any accident
  • Up and down position of lifter is controlled by limit switch for safety
  • Easy to clamp with FBD bowl
  • Discharge cone is fitted with a butterfly valve
  • FLP construction (Optional)
  • 5 Additional locking and positioning (Optional)
  • PLC based operation with color HMI (Optional)
  • Pneumatic discharge valve (Optional)

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