Conta Blender

The Conta Blending system has revolutionized the traditional blending methods such as the ‘V’ shape, Double cone or Ribbon type blenders. This state-of-the-art cGMP concept places great emphasis on maintaining dust-free conditions during the transfer of powders and granules at every stage, from sizing and dispensing to compression and filling of tablets or capsules. One of the key advantages of the Conta Blender is its flexibility in batch volume. The drive console of this system is equipped with a clamping cage that can mount containers of varying sizes, making it possible to achieve batch size variation up to 500 Kg. For instance, using two different sizes of containers, the 500 Kg model can achieve a batch size variation from 75 Kg to 500 Kg. In comparison to other tumbling blenders such as Double Cone, ‘V’ or Octa that rotate in diagonal or eccentric planes, the mixing efficiency of the Conta Blender is superior. The Conta Blender shuffles the product intimately, resulting in a homogeneous blend in as little as 5-20 minutes.


  • A very useful process supporting equipment for inter process material handling
  • CGMP complying design with complete SS cladding.
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Designed on hydraulic system
  • Safety lift lock to prevent any accident
  • Up and down position of lifter is controlled by limit switch for safety
  • Easy to clamp with FBD bowl
  • Discharge cone is fitted with a butterfly valve
  • FLP construction (Optional)
  • 5 Additional locking and positioning (Optional)
  • PLC based operation with color HMI (Optional)
  • Pneumatic discharge valve (Optional)

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