Packing Conveyor

(For Material Transfer)

Packing Conveyor
(With Attach Stools)

Inclined Packing Conveyor
(4 + 8 Feet)

  • Material Of Construction — Grade SS 304Q.
  • Suitable and ideal for cartooning and manual labeling operation.
  • Provided with 9″ wide Food Grade belt placed on a SS Plafform.
  • Equipped with 0.5 hp motor or 1.0 hp motor depending on the length and use of the conveyor.
  • Provided with high Quality Gear Box and Motor with Control Panel access to start, stop and increase the speed.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed and manufactured as per cGMP norms.
  • Food grade conveyor endless belt with 3mm thickness.
  • Available in various variant.
  • Easy to install and adaptable to existing facility.

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