Disintegration Tester VG-DT-101

VARCO INSTRUMENTS Disintegration Tester VG-DT-101 is a Solid State instrument designed for the accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP standards. The instrument is designed to test two batches of six tablets simultaneously. The instrument is useful for pharmaceutical industry.

The instrument has two basket assemblies with single motor. The instrument has single channel temperature system with sensors to monitor the test temperature of the water bath and beaker is accurately maintained at 10.3°C. Heater assembled inside the instrument so user can clean the water bath easily. The samples being analysed are automatically stored in the memory in different batch and product name.

The unit is provided with two beakers having capacity of 1000 ml with arrangement to hold temperature sensor placed in the sturdy, acrylic water bath. The basket is accurately controlled and maintained as IP, USP specification.

Features of Ointment Plant:

20 X 4 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display

Compiles with IP,USP specification

Highly Accurate and Easy to operate

Extremely useful for Pharmaceutical labs Baskets UP and DOWN movement as per IP/USP Specifications

Audio visual indicators for system status.

Quick Connector

Cartridge Heater


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