Soft Gelatin Plant

We design, manufacture and supply Soft Gelatin Plant equipments covering all the process equipments leading up to the point of the encapsulating machine under stringent compliance with latest cGMP norms.
Most important parameters for any Soft Gel Plant which are to be meticulously and articulately incorporated in the design of the process equipments are as follows:

  • Agitator of Gelatin Cooker is a special kind of Contra-rotating type Anchor having Triangular Blades for imparting low shear mixing action to highly viscous Soft Gelatin mass for intimate mixing.
  • Hydraulic Lifting System for the top cover of the Gelatin Cooker
  • PLC Programmed (optional) for Dual speed agitation to reaction mass of Gel cooker as per the defined recipe
  • Specially constructed Gelatin Feed Tank with electronic heating system
  • Medicament Mixing & Homogenizing Vessel
  • Multi-purpose Mixing & De-aeration Unit with SS Control Panel for carrying out the following operation
  • Mixing of Medicament
  • Colour Mixing in Gelatin mass
  • De-aeration of Gel mass
  • Hydraulic Lifting of Agitators for different operations with quick release coupling for agitator change/cleaning operation
  • Heat traced transfer pipe line for feeding Gelatin in to the Encapsulating Machine
  • Vacuum Control System for De-aeration in Gelatin Cooker
  • Strict compliance to cGMP as per the international standard norms
  • SS 316L contact parts mirror polished to less than 0.5 Micron RA & SS 304 Non-Contact parts matt finished.
  • 100% drainable, crevice and dead leg free internal surface
  • “CE” marked Equipments are offered with Third Party Inspection & All Electrical Control with ERTL Approval & Test


  • Glycerine/ Sorbitol Storage Vessels
  • Raw Gelatin Feed Tanks
  • Gelatin Cooker
  • Gelatin Feed Tanks
  • Plain/Jacketed Medicament Storage Tanks
  • Medicament Mixing and Gelatin Colour Mixing and De-aeration Unit with Hydraulic Lift system
  • Medicament inline Homogenizer & Lobe Pump
  • SS Working Platform
  • Instrumentation & Piping
  • Utility System of Hot Water & Vacuum
  • Mobile Auto CIP Unit
  • Gelatin Cooker 100 L to 2000 L Cooker capacity

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