Industrial Spray Dryer

Varcogroup spray dryers utilize an atomizer to convert liquids into powders in an energy-efficient manner. This gentle drying process is particularly suitable for products that are sensitive to heat. The atomizer breaks down the liquid into small droplets, which are then sprayed into a stream of hot air. Within a matter of seconds, most of the water is removed, leaving behind dry powder. The air and powder are then separated using a cyclone and/or a filter system. Further processing of the powder can be done downstream, such as using fluid beds, coolers, and agglomerators, to prepare it for packaging.


Varco Group spray dryers are individually designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers and offer a high flexibility of design.

Atomization can be provided by centrifugal wheels, rotary atomizers, pressure nozzles or twin-fluid nozzles. This range of systems allows the specific particle size requirements to be met for each application.

Direct or indirect heating systems are supplied depending upon the industry standards for the product. Inlet temperatures may range from 100°C for very heat sensitive products to 750°C for some inert chemicals.

Closed circuit and self-inertized dryers are supplied to allow organic solvents to be dried and to meet the environmental specifications.

Different chamber configurations are used along with a range of residence times to provide the desired particle size and moisture content in the finished powder.

Agglomerated products are produced by using integrated fluid beds, fines recycle systems and external fluid beds. These powders are widely used in the food industries.

Special Features:

Internal fluid bed

External fluid bed

Air brooms

Cleaning in place (CIP)

Fluid bed agglomeration

Product cooling systems

Automatic control system

ATEX requirements


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