Paste Kettle

Paste Kettle (starch paste kettle) including tilting paste kettle is designed for paste preparation. Starch Paste Kettle confirms to cGMP norms and comprises of a jacketed hemispherical bowl with all necessary steam accessories. Design principle of this kettle is the jacket for passing steam in order to melt down the product to make paste. This kettle has a unique tilting arrangement for discharging the product.

Tilting paste kettle is designed for ointment, cream and paste preparation. It has a universal application resulting in uniform melting. This tank is designed to meet missing needs of wider range of products under varied operating conditions in chemicals, Foods, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry. Our range of Jacketed paste kettle from 10 liters small paste kettle to 250 liters industrial paste kettle. Due to its application of working with starch it is also called as starch melting machine or starch mixing machine.


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