Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine Advantages

Column-Pill Positioning Design

5 to 8 minutes fast mold changeover.

Complete Capsule Filling

Feed, sort, fill, and close capsules; all-in one.

Electro-Pneumatic Control

Advanced electrical control systems run pneumatic power systems.


Adjust the rotation of the dosage disc to accommodate different capsule sizes.

How Does the Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Work?

Empty capsules are placed into the filling machine’s hopper. Load powder into a separate hopper. The corkscrew-driven hopper fills capsules consistently. Then, the operator uses the vacuum sucker to fill the loading rings with capsules. Loading Rings come in sizes 00 to 5. The suction separates the capsules.

After separating the capsules, the loading rings are pushed apart to remove the bottom. The bottom component goes into the filling machine. The operator may start filling once the loading rings are in position. This allows the filler to glide onto the capsules and spin them. The corkscrew presses powder into capsules. This guarantees each capsule’s size and weight. The two loading rings are then put in the capsule filler’s sealing section. Once synchronized, the operator shuts the guard and seals the capsules using air pressure. The loading ring releases the capsules.

This machine can polish capsules once they’re made. The capsule polisher includes corkscrew brush bristles and a dust extractor. The dust extractor vacuum-cleans capsules for finishing.

What are the design specifications of a semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

Automatic Loading: Solid-state control circuitry automatically stops the loading table after 50 strokes, removing operator attention.

  • Automatic Filling:  Automated swing-in and swing-back lower operator strain.
  • Pneumatic Closing: This lessens work by using an electronic sensor to activate the closing pneumatic cylinder.
  • Vertical Closing: Vertical filling capsules eliminate rejects and powder spills. Essential for pellet filling. Two auger speeds and nine filling table speeds do this.
  • Adaptable Hopper: Allows quick cleaning disassembly. Reduce batch changeover times.
  • Capsule Output: Ring loading increases capacity. This lets current installations generate more production.
  • De-dusting Display: Ejection chute separates capsule powder easily.

What is the structure of a Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler?

The semi-automatic capsule filler is structured practically and smartly for maximum efficiency. Starting with the electrical unit, PLC control system, filling system, loading system, cap and body tray, pneumatic system, down to the filling table, and capsule closing system; All function harmoniously.

  1. Electrical Unit: delivers adequate power for most machine operations.
  2. PLC Control System: This is where you enter the filler’s filling parameters.
  3. Filling System: This component regulates the machine’s capsule-filling speed.
  4. Loading System: It automatically positions filling material and empty capsules before filling.
  5. Caps and Body Tray: This two-part tray mechanically separates caps from capsule bodies.
  6. Pneumatic System: Air compression drives pump filling material into empty capsules.
  7. Filling Table: The dynamic variable filling table speed improves dosage accuracy.
  8. Capsule Closing: The capsule’s bottom is protected by U-shaped locking pins.

Why Choose Varco Capsule Filling Machine

Our capsule filling machines bring benefits to your business in a variety of ways. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience:

√ Filling Accuracy: Using an automated capsule filler in your manufacturing will guarantee high filling accuracy.

√ High-Quality Capsules: Produce capsules with different ingredients and forms. This helps the pharmaceutical sector as capsules contain similar components and shapes.

√ Ingredients/Components Consistency: Semi-automatic capsule fillers combine ingredients uniformly. This improves the efficacy of medicinal pills.

√ Enhance Productivity: Boosts production. It’s faster, which increases your output.

√ Ease of Operation: Simple operation. It needs little to no experience to operate. The user manual is enough.

√ Cost-Effective: This capsule filling device reduces manufacturing expenses. One operator serves its purpose

√ Low-Maintenance: Affordable maintenance costs. The UI highlights any maintenance concerns.

Each equipment has a full product handbook, including files, videos, and images. Covering installation, debugging, daily maintenance, and troubleshooting. Enjoy  2-year warranty and lifetime service.

We offer parts and components below market pricing after the two-year guarantee. Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, and others provide over 80% of these parts.

Moreover, we can develop and design plans for your equipment and formula assistance; all customized to meet your manufacturing needs.


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