Sieve Shaker (VG-EMS-200-ADVANCE TOUCH)

Salient Features

  • The VG-EMS-200-ADVANCE TOUCH SCREEN is a solid state instrument designed to assess the particle size distribution of a granular material. It is powered by an Electromagnetic drive which has no rotating Part, hence the operation is quick and maintenance free.
  • This Sieve Shaker has 3 modes of operation Continuous Intermittent and Logic mode operation which helps to Clear blocked apertures.
  • This Sieve Shake is a micro controller ensures a constant Vibration height, allowing for 100% results reproducibility among other shakers. The System has user Friendly, which Guide you throughout the Measurement process.
  • This Instrument can operate on various types of material like Sands, Crushed Rock, Soil, Grain and Seeds etc…

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