Vertical tools storage system

  • Material Of Construction: SS 304
  • Conforms to GMP / WHO / USFDA norms
  • Built with 18, 16, 12 gauge thickness materials to carry any capacity dies & punches weight
  • All joints are welded using SS 304 filler wires & grinded to avoid any sharp edges and crevices
  • Custom built for all type of tool sets: ‘B’ Type tool, ‘BB’ Type tool, ‘D’ Type Tool
  • Available in various models, the drawers, each are designed to store 30 sets, 40 sets, 50 sets & 60 sets of Punches & dies (each set includes of 1 upper punch, 1 lower punch & 1 die)
  • Punches can be either stored Vertically/Horizontally depending on requirement of customer
  • Food Grade trays for Horizontally placed punches
  • Also available with Transportation Trolley for carrying Punch Crates & Die Tray from storage area to production area.
  • Drawer are provided with lock & key facility with either centralized locking or individual locking system
  • All Drawers are provided with Label holder for easy identification of tools from outside
  • Corrosion Resistant, rust proof and hygienic
  • Suitable for tableting tool room in pharmaceutical where rust free environment is required

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