Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

We are industry leader in Syrup Liquid Manufacturing Plant. These plants are mostly popular for production of oral liquids. Cleanliness and minimum manual handling are the most critical factors which directly affects the quality of final product. Our plants are suitable from small to big scale production i.e. 100 L to 20,000 L capacity with excellent production control by means of PLCC panel without any trouble and requires minimum manpower for whole unit operation. This system is similar to closed circuit like feeding of sugar crystals and other ingredients such as water and other chemical into a vessel at entry point.

In the first stage of production, the provision of requisite temperature steam melts the sugar and other additives at requisite level as per specifications. After preparation of sugar syrup at specific temperature, the same is then transferred into main manufacturing vessel. The in line homogenizer or liquid transfer pump recalculates the mixer temperature which is controlled by technician. The high speed pump transfers the product in the storage vessel after effective filtration till the completion of process cycle as per required specifications.

Features of Syrup Liquid Manufacturing Plant:

All the raw material transfer is achieved by means of heavy duty vacuum pumps and transfer pumps instead of manual handling which creates additional healthiness of production process

The internal coating of all pipe lines (SS 304/316 Quality Material) and vessels makes the free flow operation and requires nil manual interference which makes these units more versatile

The production process and speed is controlled by the operator i.e. entry of fluid in stirrer and mixing in Emulsifier is per requirement of customer.

Whole unit assembly is equipped with superior seamless quality of material with special coating to avoid rusting and free from dirt, finished end plate, mirror end polished to ended joints, excellent quality of various valves etc. as per ISI Standards

Allied sub-assemblies such as Sugar Melting Vessel, Filtration Unit, Pre-filtration unit, Production Pipe Lines, Working Platforms, Control panel, Storage Vessels, Main Vessel for Syrup Production are made from high quality of material and all necessary quality pre-checks are carried out by expert team before dispatch of unit as the satisfaction of our valued customers is important

Electrical Control Panel is equipped with various gauges such as ammeter, voltmeter and indicators for keen observations. All on/off switches are being utilized of high quality. Special annunciation system along with alarms/buzzers makes the unit more users friendly

Special three stage filters are provided to purify the final Syrup product. These filters are embedded in special material like Aluminum perforated cages to strengthen the structure and only free flow is possible without hampering the side edges of filters. The system itself makes sure the homogeneity of the Syrup. Test sample points are provided for sampling and testing of final product

Special heaters are included as a part of whole unit which are of superior quality and temperature controllers’ provision makes the operator to fine control the process temperature as per system requirement which is necessary to obtain the specific quality of Syrup Liquid

Storage vessels facilitates to store the final Syrup Liquid for more days as these are closed seal tight and entry of dirt or dehumidification of final product is avoided thereby

The working platform is made of high quality of steel and special alloy welding is carried out while manufacturing the unit to avoid sharp edges or any conical portion which makes these units safer to operate and carrying out uninterrupted production process

Technically these Granulation equipment are designed for very stable and liner operation which provides additional durability


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