Tube Filling

• Machines are designed and developed as per cGMP norms with all non-contact parts in SS/ENP.

• Fill volume from 3 grams to 250 grams and tube size from 10 mm to 50 mm diameter, Length 60 mm to 200 mm.

• Leister Switzerland make hot air tool to heat the Laminated and Plastic tubes at required temperature to seal.

• The pump unit has a Horizontal dosing system, which aids in easy suction.

• Bottom-up filling coupled with shut-off nozzle ensures accurate & clean fill without air entrapment.

• Indexer no backlash and absolutely smooth.

• Scales mounted for faster reproduction of settings (aided by position indicators and tri-clover fittings) make changeover quite effortless.

• Product level sensor, centralized lubrication and a host of safety features like detection of reverse tube, jammed tube, air pressure drop etc. are part of basic machine.

• Special M fold/S fold in aluminum tubes.

• Saddle fold.

• Multi-colour filling.

• Fancy seal and trim in plastic tubes.

• Nitrogen flushing pre & post after filling.


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