Pilot Scale Spray Dryer

Process Description

  1. VG2911 pilot spray dryer has been introduced to meet the still increasing demand for a more flexible, modern and easy-to-handle laboratory dryer having different levels of control systems. The sanitary design, the easy access to all internal surfaces and the range of available options for optimising the configuration will be appreciated by all users
  2. The liquid RN-Con feed is atomized by a two-fluid nozzle co-current or, alternatively, by an centrifugal atomizer.
  3. The drying gas is heated by means of electricity, and enters the chamber via a specially LS- Adv designed gas distributor.
  4. The drying chamber has a conical bottom with a 60゜cone angle. The chamber is provided with WD door, light and sight glass.
  5. The plant is delivered with an PLC including necessary control and instrumentation.
  6. Materials of Construction
    • The plant will be delivered in sanitary execution according to Food hygiene standards. All metallic parts in contact with the process, product or gasses are made in stainless steel AISI 304.
    • External surfaces and weldings are polished to Ra < 1.2 µm.
    • Internal weldings in product contact parts (drying chamber, powder duct, cyclone, powder container, gas duct to bag filter) have smooth surfaces, max. Ra0.8µm. Sand blasting technology on the outer surface.
    • Other internal weldings are ground flush to parent sheet grit 120.
    • Stainless steel cladding is made in AISI 304.
  7. Standard list:
    • Feeding Pump
    • Nozzle Atomizer
    • Centrifugal Atomizer(option)
    • Delivery Fan
    • Gas Heater
    • LS-Adv Gas Distributor
    • Drying Chamber
    • Cyclone
    • Field Instrumentation and Control System Hard Ware
    • Spare Parts

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